How Much Meat Per Pig?

Purchasing a whole or half pig is an economical way to fill your freezer with local pork at a major discount compared to regular pricing, and you can customize your own cuts. Ever wonder how much meat is in a 1/2 or whole pig?  Here is a rough estimate:

Whole Pig:

18lbs pork chops, 4lbs spare ribs, 12lbs sausage, 24lbs ham, 20lbs bacon, 12lbs shoulder butt roasts, 14lbs shoulder picnic, 16lbs bone/trimmings, 30lbs fat = 150lbs

 Half Pig:

9lbs pork chops, 2lbs spare ribs, 6lbs sausage, 16lbs ham, 10lbs bacon, 6lbs shoulder butt roast, 7lbs shoulder picnic, 8lbs bone/trimmings, 15lbs fat = 64lbs

Freezer Space:

It is estimated that you need one foot of freezer space per 30lbs of pig. In most cases, that would mean a 5 cu foot chest freezer for an entire pig.



Information gathered from various sources, including

Pork Price and Cut List

100% hormone and nitrate free, raised on the Cockerill farm in Purcellville Virginia.

Price Per Pound

4.75     Picnic Shoulder

5.00     Spare Ribs

5.00     Fresh Ham

5.25     Boston Butt Roast

6.00     Ground Pork

6.25     Loose Sausage

6.50     Cured Ham (5lb minimum)

7.00     Link Sausage (Sweet Italian, Breakfast, and Bratwurst)

7.00     Bone In Chops

8.00     Bacon (cured or uncured upon request)

10.00   Pork Tenderloin

For ½ or whole pig, $4.00 per lb. (hanging weight), includes regular cuts

If interested, please contact Madeline McLaughlin with what you would like, and how many pounds. It will be delivered to your door on a first-come, first-serve basis.